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Glory To Sound is a new musical initiative founded by musician, DJ and broadcaster Nabihah Iqbal, inspired by her love for music. Through a series of events - talks, live shows and club nights, the aim is to experience and explore music from different perspectives, and to think about what it really means to us. Music is a powerful force, and some of our strongest feelings and experiences are triggered by listening to, or playing music. The way that music connects strangers, whether it’s hundreds of people dancing in a club, or thousands of people watching a festival headliner, is an amazing thing. Glory To Sound is about this power, and the way that music transcends boundaries. It’s about why we love music and its significance in our lives.

The recent guest series included David Olusoga, Wolfgang Tillmans, Lucinda Chua & James Maloney, SOPHIE, Kassem Mosse, Khyam Allami and Gilles Peterson.

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