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Fate Xclusive EP 

No Pain In Pop

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In 2014, Throwing Shade demonstrated both the richness and breadth of her musical world. ‘19 Jewels’, for ‘No Pain In Pop’, explored bubblegum synth-pop and R&B-tinged electronica, while a single for Bristol's ‘Happy Skull’ roamed across techno's wider vistas. For her first record of 2015, Nabihah Iqbal consolidates these successes. The opener is another Emily Bee-featuring pop number, which uses sugar as a metaphor for desire - there's something quite wintry to its tinkling chimes and breathy panpipes. The chilly mood persists elsewhere. ‘Mirror’'s glassy synths and booming drums create an impression of vast space; Iqbal's usual sampled vocals sound distant and dreamy. Melancholic slow jam ‘4Drake’ handles this new sense of scale, and there's a frisson of energy in its crisp claps. Finally, Iqbal revisits her techno side on the gorgeous ‘4eva Fate’. 

Artwork by Nabihah Iqbal.

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