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House of Silk EP

Ninja Tune

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Having debuted on Kassem Mosse’s ‘Ominira’ imprint and followed suit with releases for ‘No Pain In Pop’ (Patten, Grimes, Forest Swords) and ‘Happy Skull’, Throwing Shade continues her patchwork of peripheral pop over five new tunes.

Leading track ‘hashtag IRL’ is a nod to what she calls the ironic “anti-social reality of social media,” full of digital glitter and contemporary colloquialisms but pervaded by an uncanny emptiness too. The “repetitive, robotic and melancholy vocals” to her "symbolize the relentlessness with which the internet now dictates our lives…our thoughts are watered down to a common denominator of hashtags, selfies and internet-speak acronyms.”

While ‘hashtag IRL’ exemplifies her voice, tapped by SOPHIE for breakout track ‘Lemonade’ and most recent single ‘L.O.V.E.’, the rest of the EP focuses squarely on her multifaceted production skills, lightfootedly gliding on ‘Marble Air,’ nodding to ‘80s cinema on ‘Ecco Echo’, compelling idle feet to dance on ‘Fear of Silence’ and slipping through the haze of half-sleep on ‘Underneath My Eyelids’.

Artwork by Tom Flynn.

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