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Weighing Of The Heart LP

Ninja Tune

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Nabihah Iqbal’s debut album was released in Dec 2017 and has since garnered much critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, The Guardian, Dazed, Q Magazine and The Observer.

Incorporating live instrumentation more than before, ‘Weighing of the Heart’, takes on a bolder, more inclusive sound than her previous releases. Channeling influences from the likes of CAN and Bauhaus, she melds moody, propulsive basslines with shimmering synth atmospheres. The title alludes to an Ancient Egyptian myth about judgement and the afterlife, the concept of which underlies various ideas that are explored throughout the album.

The album’s intertwining styles are underpinned by Iqbal's writing, drawing on themes of existential doubt, pondering the struggles and pleasures which mark day-to-day life. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the lead singles ‘Something More’  and ‘Zone 1 to 6000’ - her subdued vocals exploring the feeling of being eternally unsatisfied with what you’ve got.

Artwork by Nabihah Iqbal.

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